Christmas Eve roundup

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- With the Christmas holiday on Wednesday, things will quiet down a bit in this space. The Patriots will take Wednesday off, with the players instead coming in to work today.

Below is a recap of the day at Gillette Stadium.

Belichick recalls Christmas memories: When posed the question of what he asked for from Santa Claus during his childhood, Bill Belichick responded anything related to sports.

In a follow-up question, a reporter quipped: "Scouting projector?" which led to a light-hearted (and insightful) look back on the technology that preceded the current equipment used to break down film.

"That was back in the pre-projector days," Belichick said. "When my dad started breaking down film, there was no projector, it was just a viewer. The film went through the viewer and you wound it by hand and watched the film as it passed through the viewer. There was no projector. The projector was actually a big step. And the 16-millimeter was a big step, too, because the 8-millimeter, which there’s some like high school film and home movies and stuff like that, the film would break every two plays. It was ridiculous. You’d spend more time fixing the film than you did watching it. The viewer, that was it until you actually had the projector. Then it never failed, as soon as you start the projector up, you start the team meeting, ‘Here we go fellas, let’s start watching film.’ Then the night before the game, there goes the bulb. So, ‘Alright, hold on.’ Or the film breaks. Whatever it is -- film breaks, bulb goes out, projector freezes [and] ‘Alright, not so fast.'"

Brady eyes second season: Though they'll play their final regular-season game this Sunday, quarterback Tom Brady talked about the Patriots having their "whole season" ahead of them.

"A lot of teams are still in position to get into the playoffs, so we’re one of those teams that our whole season’s ahead of us," he said. "You’d think that we’ve played for 15 games, but there’s still a lot to be seen with this team, and I think that’s an exciting part for us.

Marrone non-commital on starter: On a conference call with local reporters, Bills head coach Doug Marrone stated that the team has still not made a final decision on its starting quarterback for this week, with EJ Manuel and Thad Lewis as possibilities.

Locker room notes: Linebacker Jerod Mayo and defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, each of whom is on injured reserve, were spotted in the locker room today ... Running back LeGarrette Blount, heading to the playoffs for the first time in his career, was wearing his AFC East division championship hat again on Tuesday ... Safety Steve Gregory, wide receiver Aaron Dobson and defensive end Andre Carter were among those players to draw big crowds in media interviews.

Happy Holidays to everyone.