Aqib Talib on Harmon, facing Thad Lewis

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib was among the players to draw the biggest crowds on Friday afternoon in the locker room, as he discussed both the challenge in facing Thad Lewis, announced as the Bills starting quarterback on Sunday, and what's in store if Devin McCourty is forced to sit out and Duron Harmon is called upon in his place.

"Next person's gotta do a lot of communication," Talib said. "Duron, [he's] up. He's been doing a good job, he's been doing it all week in practice, just like when Dev's back there. He talks just as much as Dev, so that's our role. Our safeties are going to do a lot of talking, our corners are going to let you know what we see."

The Patriots have had to deal with extensive injuries in the secondary this season, as Talib and fellow starter Alfonzo Dennard have missed time, as has Steve Gregory.

"We just try to have everyone prepared, because you never know what's going to happen," Talib said of dealing with injuries in the secondary. "I think we just work, man, we go in that meeting room and work together so that everybody be on the same page and ready for whatever happens."

As for facing Lewis, Talib noted that one area to monitor is the vertical passing game.

"I know he's been playing good. I know he throws that ball down the field, man," he said. "They get a lot of explosive plays while he's in the game because he's not scared to throw the ball down the field. He can run it a little bit, he's a good quarterback."

Ninkovich looking good to go. Cleaning up a note from earlier: defensive end Rob Ninkovich was at practice (we didn't spot him during our initial glance), and though he was wearing ice around his ankle early on in the open locker room session, he sounds confident he'll play Sunday. "I'll be alright," he said.