Bruschi: Adding Branch can help Colts

Speaking earlier this afternoon on "NFL Live," ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Brushci said the Indianapolis Colts can indeed benefit from their signing of Deion Branch, a teammate of Bruschi's with the Patriots, just days before their playoff game Saturday night in New England.

"I think [signing him] is smart," Bruschi said. "Can Deion give them information? Absolutely. He can give them what he thinks they may be running, some of the same signals that [the Patriots] may possibly have. He does have some of that knowledge. He doesn't know if they've changed or morphed into something else. But he can give them any type of information they want. This league is all about information collection. The New England Patriots, with that hurry-up, run scheme that they have sometimes? Sometimes, they will use one word -- one word where the entire offense knows what it is. Now, the words that Deion gives them isn't the same that they have now. One word is easy to change, and I'm sure Josh McDaniels will be all over it.

"It's applicable on the field," Bruschi said of help Branch can provide. "Now that Gronk is gone, they've morphed into [Danny] Amendola in the slot, [Julian] Edelman in the slot, that type of offense. Deion can run those routes for [the Colts] in the slot, that he knows very, very well, against Darius Butler, who is the Colts' slot cornerback. Possibly running those routes for them in practice is something he can do too."