NFLN survey/franchise player: Patriots

When the question was asked to New England Patriots players about the one player they'd choose to build a team around, there was no age discrimination. Even at age 36, they were going with quarterback Tom Brady.

So then, just out of curiosity, the question was presented to them this way, "If not Brady..."

Respect for Peyton Manning was evident in the responses (he won the vote, with Brady third behind him and Andrew Luck). Dallas' DeMarcus Ware got a mention. So did Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson.

The question is a challenging one because quarterbacks such as Wilson or Andrew Luck are just beginning their careers and the general manager starting a team can build with the long-term in mind with them. A decade-long foundation is created when you make that decision.

With Brady and Manning, the window is most likely going to be less than a decade.

That's why I'd go with Luck, because of the position he plays and the promise he's already shown. It looks like he could be the next great one.

And, hopefully, I wouldn't have to bottom out in one season, like the Indianapolis Colts did in 2011, to make it happen.