Belichick & Boomer on 'NFL Countdown'

Bill Belichick talks with Chris Berman about the strengths of the 2013 Patriots team and more. ESPN

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- On a special Saturday edition of ESPN's "NFL Countdown" (11 a.m. ET, ESPN), Chris Berman's one-on-one interview with Patriots coach Bill Belichick will be aired.

The respect Belichick has for Berman has been evident in recent years. At one of the coach's news conferences two years ago, Belichick spotted Berman in the back of the room and stopped midsentence to welcome him to New England.

Berman's interview with Belichick comes at a time when Belichick can tie Dolphins coach Don Shula for second all time in playoff wins.

A couple of sound bites from Belichick were also passed along:

His view of the 2013 Patriots: "I have a lot of respect for this team. I’ve demanded a lot from them. And they’ve responded in a very positive way in doing what’s best for the team, and being able to perform and execute under pressure.”

On the importance of winning the critical situations: "A quarter of your season is going to come down to some type of field goal play, field position, blocked field goal, made field goal, missed field goal, red area stop. Wherever you get those three or four points from, that’s going to decide a quarter of your season.”