Brady on Richard Sherman's comments

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has first-hand experience as the target of trash-talking Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, the two chirping at one another during a game in 2012. After that game, a Patriots loss, Sherman tweeted a photo of himself shouting at Brady with the caption “U MAD BRO?”

Brady was asked Monday morning about Sherman’s shot at Niners receiver Michael Crabtree after Seattle’s NFC Championship Game victory.

"I don’t know him at all. I've watched him play and he’s that kind of guy,” Brady said in an interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. “I approach the game and I have respect for my opponent. That’s the way our team always plays and we win with graciousness. When we lose, we can do better. Some teams don’t always do that, that’s not their program.

“The only way to counter that is to beat them. When you don’t win, you’ve got to shut your mouth and listen to it. Someday when you get an opportunity down the road maybe that’s a source of motivation."

In the closing minute of the NFC title game, Sherman deflected a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Crabtree in the end zone. The ball was intercepted by linebacker Malcolm Smith with 22 seconds remaining to seal the Seahawks' 23-17 win.

After the game, Sherman took a shot at Crabtree.

"I'm the best corner[back] in the game," Sherman said on the field immediately after the game. "When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you going to get."

Crabtree appeared irritated when told of Sherman's comments.

"He's a TV guy, I'm not a TV guy," Crabtree said. "He didn't make any other plays in the game. ... But he made a good play there. He can keep talking. ...

"You make one play and you talk? Good play."