Patriots adopt variable pricing for tix

The New England Patriots announced Friday that they will adopt variable pricing for season-ticket packages for the first time. In addition, the club is increasing prices in two lower-level areas of the stadium, at midfield and in the end zone.

With variable pricing, the Patriots will list different prices for games in three categories -- preseason (2 games), premier (4 games), and marquee (4 games). The overall price of a season-ticket package does not change with variable pricing.

The club said in a news release that its intent is to better “reflect the value and expected demand of each game.”

The variable pricing will take into account the opponent, day of the week, time of the game and placement of the game on the schedule. Preseason games, for example, will now be priced at about 50 percent of premier games. Meanwhile the marquee games will be assigned a value of about 25 percent higher than premium games.

As for the 2014 price increases in the midfield and end-zone areas of the lower bowl of Gillette Stadium, the Patriots say that the increase will be an average of $10-18 per ticket. All other prices will remain the same, with the Patriots noting they haven’t had a stadium-wide season-ticket increase since 2007.

The Patriots' team website has a breakdown of each section and its cost.