One writer's view of top all-time QBs

In both the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and in the less than 24 hours since it has concluded, there's been a lot of talk about the legacy of Peyton Manning and where he fits among the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

To be fair, a player's legacy is difficult to judge as it is, but even more so when he has not finished playing. Suppose Manning, Tom Brady or any other quarterback were to lead his team to multiple Super Bowls in the coming seasons, that would certainly contribute to his perceived legacy within the game.

Another aspect of legacy debates that is tricky is lack of exposure to certain players. I wasn't even in preschool during Joe Montana's last Super Bowl win, making it more difficult to size up his ability versus that of the current quarterbacks.

Bob McGinn is a respected and tenured writer at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, having first attended a professional football game in 1959. So while the challenge of sizing up legacies is a tough one, McGinn is among the most uniquely qualified.

Just before Sunday's Super Bowl, McGinn produced a list of the top 25 quarterbacks he's ever seen.

Behind Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Writes McGinn, "His strength of character has shone through time after time. Perfectionist in every way, shape and form. Never a threat to run but possesses brilliant feel for stepping into available throwing lanes. High overhand delivery and a perfect spiral."

That's high praise from a seasoned mind. Without having seen Unitas, Montana and some of the others on McGinn's list, I'll refrain from pegging exactly where Brady falls on the all-time totem pole. What is certain is that he's among the best ever, and he continues to give the Patriots a chance to win each year he is on the roster.