Picked-up Patriots pieces

A few picked-up Patriots pieces, with some additional thoughts:

1. McDaniels and Browns candidacy: As the Browns transition to a new power structure after the surprising announcement that CEO Joe Banner and general manager Michael Lombardi were leaving the organization, reports are surfacing about some of the inner workings of the last 15 months. One, from Cleveland.com, was that Josh McDaniels was interested in the head coaching job right up until the team hired Mike Pettine. That runs counter to what I have learned about the situation and I still believe to be true -- the Browns badly wanted McDaniels and the Patriots offensive coordinator turned down a significant raise to stay.

2. Lombardi possibly landing in New England: The possibility of Lombardi landing in New England in some type of front-office role would make sense, but as NFL Network's Ian Rapoport notes this morning, there is nothing solidified in that area at this time. This is something we'll keep an eye, as the Lombardi/Bill Belichick connection is well documented.

3. Sanders a target again? Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette held his weekly Steelers chat and he doesn't believe the team will re-sign receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who was signed to an offer sheet by the Patriots as a restricted free agent in 2013 before returning to Pittsburgh. If the Patriots lose Julian Edelman, there's little reason to think the Patriots wouldn't show the same level of interest in Sanders again.