Scarnecchia shares his stories

On Thursday night at the Patriots Hall of Fame, longtime assistant coach Dante Scarnecchia was featured as part of the Hall's popular "speaker series." Scarnecchia spoke for an hour, then signed autographs, and the Boston Herald's Karen Guregian was on hand to write about the experience.

Scarnecchia, who retired this year, touched on injured right tackle Sebastian Vollmer, Bill Belichick's one-voice philosophy, Tom Brady's generosity, the humor of former Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light, and team needs, among other things.

As for what his work days were like at this time of year, Scarnecchia said: "[In the morning], you self-analyze things from the offense this past season, then in the afternoon watch the college guys that were at the combine and start to break them down on tape. That’s what you do for the next two months every day, all day. I love to watch football, and study how people play, but it takes a lot out of you to do it every day. I’m going to tell you right now, there’s not a lot of yucks in that office. We don’t spend a lot of time sitting around the coffee machine, talking about 'Seinfeld' last night. ... You sit at your desk, and chain yourself to the desk, and go as hard as you can. That’s the job.”

It's a good read on one of the all-time great Patriots coaches.