Leftovers from Julian Edelman

A few leftovers from Julian Edelman's conference call with reporters on Thursday:

Thumbs-up for free-agent moves. Asked his thoughts on some of the Patriots' free-agent signings, Edelman cited the success of the team's system. "I have full trust in what those guys do and who they bring in because it’s proven that it works," he said. "So, if we’re bringing in these guys, you obviously know [Darrelle] Revis, how great of a player he is. Then [Brandon] Browner, how he’s had a lot of success over there on the West Coast. [Brandon] LaFell, having another receiver to have for Tommy [Tom Brady], so I mean, all these guys, it’s pretty good to have that. It’s just going got make camp and OTAs a lot more competitive. It’s going to make us better."

Spending time on the set of the movie 'Entourage' this week. As we learned over Twitter, Edelman spent time with tight end Rob Gronkowski on the set 'Entourage' this week. Asked about the experience, Edelman reflected on first watching the show when he was in high school. "It was surreal to go out there and meet all the fellas and all the people that are in it and the people that are producing it and directing it," he said. "It was an awesome experience. [Mark] Wahlberg has helped me out with a lot of that stuff. He’s always asked if I wanted to come and be around it. He’s been such a great friend when it comes to that stuff." There was a light moment at the end of the conference call when Edelman was asked if he might be in the movie. "You’d have to ask Coach Belichick on that," he said, drawing laughter.

Comparing San Francisco to Boston. Edelman was asked about visiting the 49ers in free agency and the idea that it was his hometown team, as well as if he now considers himself a New Englander. On the second question, Edelman said, "You know, I’ve spent most of my adult life [in New England] so I can tell you right now, I know Boston better than I know San Francisco. I go to the Cape more than I go to Lake Tahoe. I mean, I guess I am a New Englander when it comes down to it. I don’t know the city of San Francisco that well but I grew up 30 miles south. I didn’t go to the city that often as an adult. Now in Boston, I’m there three times a week. I guess I would say I’m a New Englander."