Prepping for Bill Belichick breakfast

ORLANDO, Fla. -- It's an early wake-up call on Tuesday, as the AFC Coaches Breakfast is scheduled for 7:15 a.m. ET.

Some areas of interest that we hope to explore with Bill Belichick:

Revis rewind. Recapping how the opportunity came about to sign cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Other new acquisitions. Cornerback Brandon Browner and receiver Brandon LaFell -- what traits do they have that made them free agents to pursue?

Coaching staff. With the staff mostly solidified, who fits where? Thoughts on new offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo.

Vince Wilfork follow-up. How much longer can the sides work to find a middle ground before a decision has to be made?

Idea of an 'arms race.' How much does he buy that line of thinking when it comes to the back and forth between the Patriots and Broncos?

Defensive football philosophy. Has the way today's game is played placed more of an emphasis on the pass rush?

Initial feedback on rule proposals. Any sense of how the Patriots' four proposals were received by other coaches and owners? Thoughts on other rule changes?

Aaron Hernandez cap credit. Any expectation on when a ruling might be made in that area?

Lombardi addition. How are things going with Michael Lombardi as a special assistant?

Draft snapshot. Closing in on the draft, where do preparations stand and how strong is this draft?

Amendola on the outs? Thoughts on Danny Amendola's 2013 season and where he fits in 2014.

Edelman's rise. Part of the media-based questions surrounding Amendola is tied to Julian Edelman's emergence. Thoughts on his return?

Adrian Wilson in the plans? The veteran safety is under contract, but for how long?

Wesleyan women's lacrosse. What's a tougher defense to face -- Rex Ryan's Jets, or Amanda Belichick's lock-'em-down Wesleyan squad?

Maybe we'll start with the last one. It could lead things off with a smile.