Engineering the focus with goalposts

ORLANDO, Fla. -- One of the Patriots' four rule proposals is to extend the goalposts 5 feet on each side, and in speaking with one NFL general manager on Tuesday, the feeling is that it has momentum to pass at some point.

One of the big topics of conversation among owners, coaches and league executives was the engineering aspect behind a potential change, and ensuring the safety of fans. That appears to be the primary hurdle in play for the rule to pass.

Earlier Tuesday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick explained his thinking behind the rule proposal.

"The goalposts, that’s outdated, virtually every kicker at the combine can kick them over the top of the goal posts [and] some of those guys aren’t even going to be in the league," he said.

"I don’t have a percentage, but I’m telling you, any kick that’s not outside the 10-yard line or outside the 45-yard line goes over the top of the uprights. I mean, they all do. So to make the officials have to make that judgment, whether it is or it isn’t, the angle and all that, I mean, I think we should try to take that judgment out of the game if we can and get it right."