Closer look at Vince Wilfork's cap hits

One of the initial questions that was asked when details of Vince Wilfork's renegotiated contract surfaced was, "What are the salary-cap charges?"

Here is the breakdown:

2014: $6.8 million (if Wilfork maxes out incentives, can rise to $10.7 million)

2015: $8.4 million (can rise to $8.9 million with incentives)

2016: $6.4 million (can rise to $6.9 million with incentives)

Wilfork was scheduled to count $11.6 million against the 2014 salary cap, so the renegotiation saved the team $4.8 million at the present moment. The $6.8 million cap charge for 2014 accounts for previous accelerations of bonuses.

Of course, that leads to the next question: How much salary-cap space do the Patriots currently have?

Salary-cap space is fluid, so we'll stick with a general range of $6-9 million at this time, which gives the team some moderate breathing room when considering some future cap charges (e.g. draft picks etc.).