Clarity on Ryan Wendell's contract

On Friday, we passed along word of a new two-year deal for center Ryan Wendell to stay with the New England Patriots. Per NFLPA records, the deal carried a maximum value of $8.15 million.

We later noted Wendell had a $2 million roster bonus each season, a robust figure relative to how the Patriots normally construct their contracts. In looking at the finer print, we surmised that there may have been an errant entry on the NFLPA records.

Wendell's deal became official Monday, meaning the contract was registered with the NFL's management council overnight. The records of the management council serve as the data of record.

As it turns out, Wendell's deal did in fact have a misprint in the NFLPA, as he does not have roster bonuses of up to $2 million each season. He has roster bonuses of up to $200,000 each season, which can be earned by being on the 46-man roster for each of the 16 regular-season games next year ($12,500 for each game).

With this detail ironed out, here's an updated look at the contract:

Overall terms: Two years, base value of $3.25 million, maximum value of $4.55 million ($850,000 guaranteed in a signing bonus)


Base salary: $1 million

Roster bonus: $200,000

Cap hit: $1.625 million


Base salary: $1 million

Roster bonus: $200,000

Playing-time incentives: Up to $1.3 million

Cap hit: $1.625 million (would increase up to $2.975 million if he hits all incentives)

Quick-hit thoughts: Wendell has been a reliable and durable player across the Patriots' offensive line, though he did struggle against bigger, more physical defensive linemen in 2013. The $8.15 million maximum value seemed like a large figure for him, but this amended total strikes us as a good deal for both sides. If Wendell stays healthy and plays well enough to continue to start, the Patriots are paying him a salary in line for his level of pay. Wendell earns a raise from his previous contract and is in line to remain the starter at center over the next two seasons.