Leftovers from Logan Mankins

A few leftover soundbites from Thursday's media availability with offensive lineman Logan Mankins:

Responding to Brandon Spikes predicting two Bills wins over the Patriots: "I don't pay too much attention to the media that much anyways. I've only heard guys joking around about what he said. I think it's just Brandon being Brandon. He has a pretty good sense of humor, I think. I don't know if it's good, but he likes to make jokes. I don't know if he was joking or if he was serious. That's just Spikes being Spikes.”

More on Spikes: "Everyone has their own opinions. Everyone likes to think they know it all. It doesn't really bother me too much. I know what we have here. I know the owner very well now over the years and I know our head coach, and those guys care about the team and care about winning football games. So what anyone says kind of rolls off our backs. We know what we have here.”

Meeting new O-line coach Dave DeGugliemo: "We didn't really talk about too much, just get to know each other a little bit and talk about what he's done and what he kind of has in store for us. He seems like a great guy and I look forward to working with him.”

Adjusting to life without O-line coach Dante Scarnecchia: "It's going to be a big change. I was lucky enough to have him for nine seasons and wish it could have continued. He put in his time and earned the right to retire. The last time I talked to him, he's enjoying life right now and staying busy. It will be a lot different; that's the only O-line coach I've known for quite a while now.”

His expectations for any coach: "Me personally, I just want a coach that's fair, who is going to treat everyone the same. There is no one on a pedestal. He's going to work us hard and not let us get away with things. I think I learned to appreciate that from Dante -- he was a hard coach, but he was a fair coach. We always knew he had our backs. He demanded a lot from us, but I think that's what made a lot of us good players. That's why he was such a successful coach and lasted so long.”