Setting up our 5th annual mock draft

It's time to start planning for the fifth-annual mock draft on the New England Patriots blog.

The mock draft is unique in that it has included three loyal readers of this space since its inception in September of 2009, with the readers having been picked out of the comments section (2013 mock draft here). So this is the official invitation to last year's participants, "Mr. Scratch", "PatsFanTRichter" and "Clark12to81."

Since the format of the comments section has changed since last year at this time, there are a few new wrinkles to the process.

1. I'm asking "Mr. Scratch", "PatsFanTRichter" and "Clark12to81" to contact me directly via this link. This will allow us to communicate directly.

2. In the past, the mock draft has taken place in a blog entry that was continuously updated. This year, the hope is to conduct it in a similar form as a weekly chat.

3. The hope is to conduct the first-round mock draft early next week, possibly on Monday. That would set up the possibility to conduct a similar second-round mock draft late next week as well.

Let's see if we can pull it off.

Part of what has made this a vibrant place to talk Patriots football is the interaction with regular readers, and it would be nice to keep it going.

Past mock drafts