A feel for the 29th draft pick

The Patriots have the following draft picks in 2014:

1. 29th overall

2. 62nd overall

3. 93rd overall

4a. 130th overall

4b. 140th overall (compensatory, can't be traded)

6a. 198th overall (from Eagles)

6b. 206th overall

7. 244th overall

Highlighting some of the recent players picked in the 29th spot:

2013: WR Cordarrelle Patterson (Vikings)

2012: S Harrison Smith (Vikings)

2011: OT Gabe Carimi (Bears)

2010: CB Kyle Wilson (Jets)

2009: WR Hakeem Nicks (Giants)

2008: DL Kentwan Balmer (49ers)

2007: G Ben Grubbs (Ravens)

2006: C Nick Mangold (Jets)

2005: CB Marlin Jackson (Colts)

2004: WR Michael Jenkins (Falcons)

2003: LB Nick Barnett (Packers)

2002: OT Marc Colombo (Bears)

1997: CB Chris Canty (Patriots)

ANALYSIS: This was the same pick the Patriots had in 2013 and we quickly got a feel for what it could command in a trade -- second-round, third-round, fourth-round and seventh-round selections. If Bill Belichick can pull off the same type of deal in this year's draft, which is widely viewed as deeper, he'd likely pounce unless a player unexpectedly slid down the board. In terms of players selected at No. 29, Cordarrelle Patterson, Harrison Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Ben Grubbs and Nick Mangold have been (or were) difference-makers for their clubs. Like every other pick, there are also some misses. Gabe Carimi was a disappointment for Chicago, while Kentwan Balmer didn't pan out in San Francisco. One final point to make about the 29th pick is the value it has relative to the top pick in the second round, No. 33, because it comes with a maximum contract length of five years compared to four for the rest of the draft.