Video: Pats' biggest draft needs

When asked to pinpoint the New England Patriots' biggest need in the draft, our experts have many thoughts but they agree on two areas to focus on: defensive line and tight end.

"This offense can accommodate multiple tight ends in the passing game," says Field Yates. "Last year tight ends not named Gronkowski had 13 catches for the Patriots. That's not enough."

Mike Reiss points out that the Patriots are probably looking down the road when making their 2014 picks. "I agree with Field on tight end, but with the bigger picture in mind, I think the defensive line or linebacker would be the areas I would focus on," he says.

Tedy Bruschi notes that the Patriots are likely hoping that teams will choose quarterbacks in the first round. "Because the more quarterbacks that go before the New England Patriots pick, the more players will bump down to [the Patriots'] selection and the more options [the Patriots] will have."