A feel for the 244th draft pick

The Patriots have the following draft picks in 2014:

1. 29th overall

2. 62nd overall

3. 93rd overall

4a. 130th overall

4b. 140th overall (compensatory, can't be traded)

6a. 198th overall (from Eagles)

6b. 206th overall

7. 244th overall

Highlighting some of the recent players picked in the 244th spot:

2013: S Zeke Motta (Notre Dame)

2012: WR Jordan White (Jets)

2011: OT Lee Ziemba (Panthers)

2010: S Kurt Coleman (Eagles)

2009: DT Ricky Jean Francois (49ers)

2008: DE Angelo Craig (Bengals)

2007: RB Jason Snelling (Falcons)

2006: TE Tim Massaquoi (Buccaneers)

2005: RB Noah Herron (Steelers)

2004: WR Derek Abney (Ravens)

2003: DB Norman LeJeune (Eagles)

2002: OT Kevin Shaffer (Falcons)

ANALYSIS: Running back Jason Snelling, defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois and safety Kurt Coleman not only stuck with the teams that drafted them, but went on to carve out a role on Sundays, which makes them the picks that stand out from the No. 244 slot in recent years. At this point in the draft, there isn't much difference between this pick and an undrafted free agent, so a selection like this allows a team to avoid the competition it might face on the undrafted market. If the player makes the roster, special-teams contributions are usually critical. These players often initially find a home on the practice squad.