Deserving honor for the 'Cover Man'

With Monday's news that cornerback Ty Law is this year's inductee to the New England Patriots Hall of Fame, it had me reflecting on a story from the early years of his career.

We had an idea at Patriots Football Weekly, the team's long-running official newspaper, to write a cover story on Law in which we followed him around for a day -- from the stadium, to the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru, back to his home and any other things he had planned.

The cover shot had Law dressed to the nines in a suit, and it captured the flair and attitude he brought to the job. Like many from his era, Law had great admiration for Deion "Prime Time" Sanders, and the story attempted to capture Law's hopes of becoming one of the franchise's greats.

Congratulations, Ty. Your goal was accomplished.

Law's induction to the Patriots Hall of Fame, which comes in his first year of eligibility, confirms the achievement.

His franchise-record-tying 36 interceptions remind us of his status as one of the all-time great playmakers in team history.

His work against then-Colts QB Peyton Manning in the playoffs -- three interceptions in the AFC Championship Game, which was a prelude to the team's second Super Bowl championship -- remind us that Law was a big-game performer.

Those who played with him and coached him always noted that he was a gamer in bringing a level of toughness to the Patriots.

Those are a few things that come to mind about Law's career.

The Patriots Football Weekly story about Law from 1999 was accompanied with the words "Cover Man." The two words summed it up perfectly because he almost always had it well-covered.

Looking at the old pictures from that story, Law looked sharp in his gray pinstriped suit, accompanied with a white pocket square. Now it's time to fit him for the traditional red jacket given to Patriots Hall of Fame inductees.

It might not necessarily be his style, but there's no doubt that the fit is just right.

The "Cover Man" is a Patriots Hall of Famer, and it's well-deserved.