Notes from Belichick's interview on Sirius

A few leftovers from Bill Belichick's interview on Sirius XM NFL Radio's "Movin' the Chains" program with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan:

1. Confident in Easley's recovery. While some view first-round pick Dominique Easley as a risky selection because he's torn both ACLs over a span of 22 months, Belichick spoke with assurance about his recovery.

"We're confident that he'll be able to return from the injury like almost everybody who's had an ACL has, so I don't think it's the type of injury that isn't pretty common in our league," he said. "He's working hard to rehab and hopefully he'll be OK. I think when he is, we feel like we got good value for that pick."

Belichick also touched on how the Patriots targeted Easley with the No. 29 selection.

"When you're picking 29th, you kind of don't know who's going to be there until you get into the low to mid-20s. We tried to stick to the value on our board. Dominique, when we've seen him play, he's been a productive player for Florida since his freshman year. He can be a very disruptive player. An impact player. His grade on our board reflected that."

2. Stork 'our type of guy' at center. Belichick explained what the team liked in center Bryan Stork of Florida State (105th overall).

"We just felt that on film and personally, he's smart, a hard-working guy. Our type of guy. He really loves to compete and he's tough," he said. "I think he's productive in the running game and productive in the passing game. Obviously, he played in a great program and played against good competition. I think he's a solid player who will really be competitive for us."

3. White's smarts stand out. In describing what drew the team to running back James White of Wisconsin in the fourth round (130th overall), Belichick pointed out that he averaged 6 yards per carry, "which is really hard to do in any league, especially in the Big Ten." Belichick also called him a versatile player who can run inside and outside, before touching on his skills in the passing game.

"He's very smart. I think he'll help us in pass protection and in pass routes," he said. "It's just another guy for the quarterback to throw to as well as a guy who can create some space and plays in the running game."

4. Patriots will bring up replay proposal again. While owners didn't vote for Belichick's proposal to allow coaches to challenge anything in a game (with a limit of 2 challenges), Belichick said he'd probably bring up the proposal again in the future, maybe with some slight modifications in presentation. He spoke about how current instant replay rules are so detailed it is often confusing for many. "I'd like to just clean it up," he said.

5. Encouraged by offensive coaching staff. After being asked about retired offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, and praising his contributions to both him and the franchise, Belichick spun things forward and said he likes what he's seen from his offensive coaching staff (Dave DeGuglielmo is the new O-line coach, with Brian Daboll at tight end). "I feel like we have a good staff offensively, those guys have worked well in the offseason. We're all excited to get on the field Tuesday and start the OTA process. I have a lot of confidence and enjoy the guys we're working with."