Robert Kraft talks Brady's future on NFLN

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots owner Robert Kraft was a guest on NFL Network's "Total Access" program on Thursday night, as the network erected a set in the Dana-Farber Fieldhouse during the team's "Moms Safety Clinic" with hosts Melissa Stark and Willie McGinest.

Video of Kraft's interview is posted on NFL.com, and here is part of the Q&A focusing on Tom Brady's future:

How much time Brady has left: "From my point of view, and I think from our organization, we believe that Tom has a lot of play left. The way he takes care of his body, the way he eats, the way he plays, the way he trains, people look up to him. At the same time, that’s a position, if you don’t have someone strong at that position, look what happened how Tommy took over in that game after 9/11 when we delayed a week? Mo Lewis, our friend from the Jets, took Drew [Bledsoe] out, and if we didn’t have someone like Tommy in our system, it would have been very devastating. In any business, you always need disaster insurance [for] the most important thing. And now we have a young man [in Jimmy Garoppolo] that I hope he’s as good as everyone feels. I also hope he doesn’t get a chance to start for a long, long time."

On Brady's approach: "His drive and desire and burn -- I don’t think people understand the amount of tape he watches and how he prepares. Whatever he feels is the biggest weakness in his game, he addresses and comes on very strong. He’s gone to eight [championship games], I believe, in his career – that doesn’t happen by accident. But we’re privileged to have a great coach and a great supporting cast."

On Brady retiring as a Patriot: "I sure hope so. We did something creative. He was a visionary and he allowed us to restructure his contract in a way that was good for us. I know I personally and our whole fan base only want to see him always have that Flying Elvis or Pat Patriot if we’re doing throwbacks.”