Brady on 'pygmies' Edelman & Amendola

RICHMOND, Va. -- New England Patriots receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola might have a new nickname, courtesy of quarterback Tom Brady.

Call them the super pygmies.

In answering a question about how veteran receiver Brandon LaFell (6-2, 210) has integrated into the team's system, Brady had a little fun after Tuesday's practice.

"I have some of the little pygmies out there like Julian (5-10, 200) and Danny (5-11, 195), and it's nice to have a little bigger guy out there from time to time who has a big catch radius," Brady cracked. "Hopefully Danny and Julian don't get mad at me for saying that. They won't. They know I'm joking."

Indeed, Edelman cracked a smile when informed Brady referred to as a pygmy.

"I don't expect nothing less from No. 12. You have to have tough skin around that guy," Edelman said with a smile, perhaps thinking about the next time he'll leave Brady hanging with a high-five.

Brady has been in a rhythm throwing to Edelman and Amendola in the last two joint practices, and on Tuesday, LaFell broke through with some notable work.

"He keeps making more plays," Brady said. "He's understanding better and better, he's a veteran and he's savvy, knows how to run the routes. Big body, big frame, knows how to make a lot of tough catches."