Tom Brady on getting poked in the eye

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's right eye remains bloodshot red, which he said Thursday was a result of getting poked by Ravens defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan in Saturday's divisional-round playoff game.

Here is the Q&A that led off Brady's news conference:

Q: Your eye is red. Did you get poked in the eye?

Brady: Yeah.

Q: How is that affecting you? Didn't seem like it at the end of the game.

Brady: No, it was good. It was just part of the tussle of football. Everyone deals with obviously different things, so this one is nothing fortunately.

Q: Was it on the quarterback sneak?

Brady: No, it was when I was arguing with that guy and then he poked me in the eye, and I was trying to yell at the ref. I said, 'He just poked me in the eye!' He obviously didn't see it.

Q: In the scrum or afterwards?

Brady: Afterwards.

Q: Sort of like an old professional wrestling move?

Brady: It's a good move, the eye gouge. You can't even do that in professional wrestling.

The eye poke came after Brady was sacked on third-and-16 in the second quarter (10:55 remaining), and Jernigan reached his hand into Brady's helmet as players from both teams were jawing at each other.