Closer look at Alan Branch's contract

The following is a closer look at the two-year contract signed by defensive tackle Alan Branch with the New England Patriots, based on information currently available:

Term: Two years

Maximum value: $6.6 million

Signing bonus: $700,000

2015 base salary: $1.2 million

2015 roster bonus: $400,000 ($25,000 per game on the roster)

2015 playing time incentives: $750,000

2015 weight bonus: $400,000

2016 base salary: $1.2 million

2016 roster bonus-part 1: $400,000 (paid on first day of 2016 league year if on the roster)

2016 roster bonus-part 2: $400,000 ($25,000 per game on the roster)

2016 playing time incentives: $750,000

2016 weight bonus: $400,000

While it's a two-year deal, the sides inserted an option into the contract that could make it a one-year deal. The Patriots would pick up the second year of the contract by paying Branch $400,000 if he's on the roster the first day of the 2016 league year.