Does this RB look like a Patriot?

Alabama running back Mark Ingram visited ESPN headquarters on Tuesday, stopping by "First Take" to share his thoughts as the NFL draft approaches (April 28-30). One question that came up was his visit to the Patriots, which Ingram dodged artfully.

Watching the accompanying video (see above), one thing I focused on was whether Ingram carried himself like a prospect the Patriots would consider drafting. I came away with a positive feeling in that regard. Ingram comes across as intelligent and serious about the game.

Ingram was asked about his knee, which some teams are taking a closer look at before stacking their draft boards.

"A lot of people have been hearing bad things about my knee, but the knee is 100 percent. It's strong, it's healthy, and all the teams have positive reports about the knee. Dr. Andrews has given me positive reports about the knee as well," he said.