Opinion: No mas on Moss

Stew Milne/US Presswire

With Randy Moss making an announcement today that he hopes to return to the NFL in 2012, one natural question is whether the Patriots would be interested.

My feeling is that the team has moved on.

In my opinion, part of the reason the Patriots moved on from Moss in the first place was a halftime blowup with play-caller Bill O'Brien in Moss' final game with the team in Week 4 of 2010. It highlighted a shift in which Moss had transitioned from a team-first player in 2007 to someone more interested in his own production.

It is also my belief that quarterback Tom Brady became increasingly drained with keeping Moss on board, to the point that it became a concern of the coaching staff.

After Moss' almost two seasons away from New England, I don't see those issues all of a sudden going away.

And this doesn't factor in whether Moss can still play at a high level.

With all due respect to Moss, who was one of the most physically talented players to ever don a Patriots uniform, he shouldn't register on the team's radar at this time.

After all, when the team brought in a receiver in 2011, they chose Tiquan Underwood over Moss, who surely could have been coaxed out of retirement by the club.

That speaks volumes about the team's view of Moss as it relates to their current standing.

Your turn: Would you like to see Moss back with the Patriots next season if it was on their terms? Or do you think his days as a competent NFL receiver are over and he’s not worth the headache? Vote in the accompanying poll and sound off in the comments section.