Scott: 'The cream rises to the top'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Jets linebacker Bart Scott has spent a career crunching ball carriers, receivers and quarterbacks with an all-out, aggressive style of play.

So when he speaks, it’s no surprise that Scott doesn’t mince any words.

During the week leading up to Sunday’s divisional playoff game against the Patriots at Gillette Stadium, Scott basically threatened New England receiver with his life if he dared venture across the middle to make a catch.

Not surprisingly, Scott was crowing after the Jets convincingly upset the top-seeded Patriots, 28-21, and advanced to next Sunday’s AFC title game in Pittsburgh.

“If you go down board for board, look at our roster and look at their roster, we have better players across the field,” said Scott.

“You guys talk about how great their defense was playing. Last I checked they were 25th in the league and we were third, and we’re the one that get disrespected for not being able to put pressure on the quarterback, not being able to get off the field. But we were ranked 22 spots ahead of them. . . . I guess the cream rises to the top,” he said.

“We were the experienced group going into it. Last I checked Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison and Richard Seymour, those guys weren’t on that sideline. We don’t fear anybody. We believe we can match up against anybody,” said Scott.

Scott is a staunch supporter of head coach Rex Ryan. Scott played when Ryan was a defensive coordinator in Baltimore.

“I would die for that man [Ryan]. I love than man to death. That’s the reason I left Baltimore [as a free agent] to come here and write my legacy with him,” said Scott.

New England’s Bill Belichick is considered a coaching genius in the NFL. Scott was asked by WEEI if Sunday’s victory meant Ryan was on equal coaching footing with Belichick.

“Why not better?” Scott told WEEI. “Belichick is one Mo Lewis hit from being fired. [Brady] don’t come in we might be talking about him on the unemployment line.”

Scott was referring to a 2001 hit by Lewis that knocked out Drew Bledsoe, forcing the Pats to go with Brady at quarterback.

In the meantime, Scott thinks the Pats and the Jets now have an official rivalry.

“This is how rivalries start,” said Scott. “Rivalries start when both teams take something from the other team. This is probably the first time the Jets have taken something important away from the Patriots. Game on. They can hate us forever because the feeling is mutual.”