Will Brady win another Super Bowl?

NFL Network devoted a segment of its "Total Access" show Monday to the following question: Will New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady win another Super Bowl?

Analysts Heath Evans and Jamie Dukes shared their opinions on the topic, with Evans, the former Patriot, believing it will happen.

"The odds are in his favor," Evans said on the set. "You look at the consistency of the organization, it's Bill Belichick and him tied at the hip. We know they lacked offensive weapons in some of the last couple years. He finds a way to make magic out of nothing. Every year they're sitting in that AFC Championship, battling it out with Peyton Manning or Joe Flacco. So I'm going to give him a nod in the next three years."

Dukes then pointed out Evans' remarks about Brady's ability to "make magic out of nothing" in questioning the team's selection of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round (62nd overall). With Manning having the weapons to put up 35 points per game regularly, Dukes doesn't see the same weaponry in New England. Thus, he doesn't see another Super Bowl championship in his future.

One area that wasn't touched upon was the potential improvement of the Patriots' defense, which has added cornerback Darrelle Revis this offseason.

Could that help Brady the most?

Fun debate, and one we'd lean toward the "yes" category if taking part.