Will the Curse of Bieber rub off on Gronk?

Will Rob Gronkowski be the latest to fall victim to the Curse of Justin Bieber?

Gronk and several of his New England Patriots teammates on Monday night made the trip north to Los Angeles from San Diego, where the team is training in advance of its game against the Chargers on Sunday night, to take in a Clippers game. They were welcomed into the team's locker room by coach -- and former Bostonian -- Doc Rivers.

"I brought him to the locker room," Rivers said when asked about Gronkowski. "We have a lot of Cowboys fans, which I clearly don't get that. So I brought all the Pats in to show them what a football team looks like."

Also in the Clips' locker room was the one and only Bieber, who was captured here posing with Gronk by ESPN LA's Arash Markazi (not surprisingly, the tight end seems to be enjoying himself).

Why is that reason for Patriots' fans to cringe? The last three teams Bieber has visited have all gone down in flames shortly afterward -- the Knicks lost to the Bulls by 25; LeBron's Cavaliers were upset by the Knicks after a Bieber visit and, most notably, the Steelers were upset by the Jets after the pop star dropped by the team's bible study.

That trend should probably be more of a concern for Clippers' fans, but we're not counting out the possibility that the Biebs' bad luck could rub off on Gronk and friends.

Remember that if something goes wrong in San Diego on Sunday.

Also in attendance for the Patriots at the Clippers' game were Shane Vereen, Jonas Gray, Akeem Ayers and Darius Fleming.

It wasn't enough that Gray was benched for being late for practice and had his car towed the same day. He had to go and tweet this, too.