Mayne Event: Bieber takes on Brady

In a preview of a "Mayne Event" segment that will run on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown (watch the video above), Kenny Mayne, Tom Brady and Justin Bieber star in a skit about -- you guessed it -- Brady’s hair.

Here’s a partial transcript from Brady’s best acting job since “Tom Brady’s Falafel City”:

Mayne: “What’s the deal with your hair?”

Brady, while running a curling iron through the back of his hair: “What do you mean ‘What’s the deal with my hair,” it’s just my hair. Why does everybody always want to talk about my hair. I mean, it’s no big deal, why don’t you talk to somebody else about their hair. I don’t care about my hair.”

Mayne then visits teen pop star Justin Bieber, who sports a similar ‘do as Brady’s and recently worked a dig on Brady into the lyrics of one of his songs.

For the dramatic conclusion, you'll have to tune in to ESPN's Sunday Countdown on Sunday morning at 11 a.m.