NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Patriots

The decisiveness was the most notable part of the experience.

Walk into the Patriots' locker room and ask players the following question: "It's the two-minute warning of the Super Bowl, game is on the line, what quarterback do you want with the ball in his hands?"

A few players laughed as if to say, "Are you serious?"

Others simply went jersey number -- "12" -- or just looked toward his locker.

No offense intended, fellas, I knew where you were going.

Still needed to ask the question, though.

We saw some of the "Brady Magic" at points during the 2013 regular season, such as Oct. 13 against the New Orleans Saints when Tom Brady led a dramatic late-game comeback capped off by a touchdown pass with five seconds remaining. And, of course, the Super Bowl résumé speaks for itself.

That was the fun part of the assignment, asking players to take us into the huddle with Brady to get a feel for what he's like in those clutch moments.