Drew Bledsoe: Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll more alike than you'd think

Drew Bledsoe says Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll create similar cultures around their teams. Getty Images

Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe played for both head coaches involved in Super Bowl XLIX -- Pete Carroll (1997-99) and Bill Belichick (2000-01) -- while in New England, and insists they are more alike than it might appear on the facade.

“There are a lot more similarities between the two guys than there are differences,” Bledsoe told ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd on Monday. “The differences are purely stylistic, but the substance is very, very similar.

“Pete, you watch his press conferences and hear the way he talks and I think people could have the impression that he’s this happy-go-lucky, kind of crazy guy. But Pete’s got an edge to him. I played for him, I’ve seen it.

“The thing that the two coaches do is they create a culture of intense competition on the field in practice. They both make sure their players know there’s no free lunch. There are guys looking for your position at all times.

“You look at Belichick, I was out there for the Dolphins game here recently. I think he’s enjoying the ride a little bit more now than maybe he has in the past. I was on the sideline, he came running over with a big smile and gave me a hug. We talked for a minute, I think he’s enjoying this ride quite a bit.”