Kraft 'very much wanted' Tebow with Pats

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, appearing on CBS's "This Morning" on Tuesday, said he wanted Tim Tebow to make the Patriots roster and hopes he gets another shot to play quarterback with a different team.

"I love Tim Tebow and I very much wanted him on the team," Kraft said. "If you look, four of the last five years we've only carried two quarterbacks and you know when a cut-down time comes, you need those last three, four positions for depth."

The Patriots are, of course, well-stocked at quarterback, led by Tom Brady.

"And we happen to have, I think, the finest quarterback in the history of the game, so he's not going off the field except by injury," Kraft said of Brady. "We have a great second string quarterback [Ryan Mallett]."

Kraft, like Bill Belichick and Brady previously, did not shut the door on a possible Tebow return.

"We never know what's going to happen," he said. "You're one play away at all times from your whole game changing, and there's no -- I haven't met a finer young man."

Kraft believes that Tebow will find success in his off-field ventures, while remaining hopeful that he has a chance to continue his football pursuits.

"Whatever he does, I know he's going to be a great success off the field and I'm rooting for him to get his opportunity on the field as well," he said.

Asked why Tebow has had trouble finding work -- he was a free agent for nearly a month and a half after being released by the Jets in April -- Kraft noted his desire to play solely quarterback and not another position, as some have suggested might be a better fit for his skill set.

"I think he wants to be a quarterback, and who is to say he won't get his opportunity?" Kraft continued. "To have a guy like that in the locker room, the kind of person he is, the way he conducts himself."

Tebow, who cleared waivers on Sunday, is now a free agent.