McShay sees fit with WR Norwood

Those who follow the mock draft circuit closely might remember that in 2012, ESPN analyst Todd McShay had pinpointed Chandler Jones as a fit for the New England Patriots very early in the process.

That type of credible work goes a long way when considering what media voices to listen to most in the build-up to the draft.

That story is passed along because in an Insider piece now posted on ESPN.comInsider, McShay shares notebook-type thoughts on some prospects and with which team he believes they'd fit best. The crux of the piece is to account for the fact each team has a distinct system and certain prospects will fit a system more than others.

The Patriots are mentioned once, with McShay identifying Alabama receiver Kevin Norwood as a good mid-round fit. McShay cited Norwood's smarts as one primary factor that he'd thrive in New England.

We wrote a bit more about Norwood in our "beyond the first round" series on Saturday.