Bingo! We have a No. 80 connection

One of the neat parts about Twitter is that it can provide a glimpse inside the world of the professional athlete, and at times, link one generation of player to a new generation.

Such was the case Saturday morning, when Patriots Hall of Famer Troy Brown -- one of the most popular players in the history of the franchise -- tweeted the following to @DannyAmendola: "Welcome my man to The Patriot Way. I'll see you at the Big Razor & best of luck! Represent that "80" well!"

To which Amendola responded: "Thanks Troy. You are one of the greatest of all time! It's truly an honor!"

Amendola wore No. 16 in St. Louis, but he's been issued No. 80 at this time, which was Brown's longtime number.

Amendola's number could always change, especially if receiver Kamar Aiken (currently No. 16) doesn't stick around. But for now, the connection between Brown and Amendola is a good one -- one of the franchise's all-time greats with a player looking to make his mark in attempting to fill the Wes Welker void in his first year with the Patriots.