Phillips: 'We feel like we should win'

ESPN's Paul Kuharsky talked with Houston defensive coordinator Wade Phillips about Sunday's showdown with the Patriots, and how the Texans will adjust their game plan from their lopsided loss Dec. 10 in New England.

Phillips said the Texans would try "to play the running game and force them into throwing it.” But he's well aware of the difficulty in doing that.

Here's an excerpt from Kuharsky's AFC South Blog:

“You’re not going to get to him very much. That’s what he’s great at. He recognizes blitz and changes protections better than anybody in the league, anybody that I’ve ever been around. He finds out where you’re coming from, he’s patient enough to wait and do it at the last second and pick up most. You just don’t see people get to him much. You’ve got to beat some one-on-one blocks, but to get guys clean on him is hard to do.”

Phillips also knows his defense faces a huge challenge in trying to slow down the Pats' tight-end duo of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Here's his take:

“What makes it tough is, they’ve really got two tight ends in there but sometimes it’s like four wide receivers,” Phillips said. “They’re athletic enough to play out in space. So that gives you matchup problems. If you play your base defense against them it’s one thing, and if you play a sub defense against them it’s something else. If you play a sub what happens a lot of times with the two tight ends is they just run over people.

I think you have to mix it up and see how you match up, which players can play them and see if they need help. Do you need somebody to bang them at the line of scrimmage and then rush? If you have matchup problems you’ve got to do those kinds of things.”

Overall, Phillips expressed confidence in his team and their chances at beating New England. Here's how he put it:

"We talked about it last week -- hey we ought to be confident, look at all the things we’ve done in winning 12 games,” Phillips said. “Going into the Cincinnati game we said let’s get our swag back, we know we’re good, let’s go ahead and play like we play.

“We’ve got confidence going into this game. We feel like we should win. That’s our guys, that’s our mentality.”

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