Same old story for Revs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- To loosely paraphrase a common saying, Saturday’s tilt against New York was a case of “same story, different game” for the struggling Revs.

Not only did Milton Caraglio’s 15th-minute strike deliver the Revs an early lead, but his second goal in the 37th minute put them on top by two goals for the first time in over a month.

And yet, those two goals still weren’t enough to get the win, as the Revs squandered yet another early lead and, in the process, left points on the pitch for the third time in eight days.

“[It’s] déjà vu,” Revolution coach Steve Nicol said. “We’ve left too many points. Not left too many -- we’ve lost too many points.”

Taking into account their last three games -- all of which the Revs went into halftime with the lead -- it’s conceivable that they could’ve taken a total of nine points and put themselves back in the playoff hunt. Instead, the Revs failed to hold on for the win in each contest.

Last Saturday, the Revs leaked three goals through in the second half against Columbus, a game they lost 3-1. Then, on Wednesday against Houston, a late Bobby Boswell equalizer robbed the Revs of a win in a 1-1 draw. And on Saturday against the Red Bulls, Dane Richards knocked through a pair of goals to keep the Revs out of the win column again as they settled for a 2-2 stalemate.

“I think there’s been plenty of those games this season and this is definitely one of them,” Revolution midfielder Benny Feilhaber said. “Getting a two-goal lead, in really every circumstance, you expect to get the three points. We didn’t and that’s really been the story this season: giving up points in the second half.”

Pinpointing the reasons why the Revs haven’t been able to close out games isn’t easy. But Revolution midfielder Shalrie Joseph hinted that it may have something to do with the team’s late-game energy.

“I don’t know if it’s our legs or our brains,” Joseph said. “But with 10, 15 minutes to go, we just start sinking back into a shell and we just gave them way too much time, way too much space to play, and it comes back to hurt us.”

It certainly came back to hurt them Saturday night. It’s one thing to let a one-goal lead slip away. But conceding a two-goal cushion at home signals that the Revs are making critical errors when it matters the most.

“We made two mistakes tonight and we got punished and that’s kind of been the story so far this season,” Nicol said. “When we have made mistakes, we’ve ended up getting punished, which is why we ended up with another point."