Revs know they need to be better

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Chris Tierney wouldn’t name names, but it was clear that he wasn’t pleased with some of his teammates on Sunday.

Following the Revolution’s 1-0 loss to Montreal -- a loss that pushed New England’s winless streak to six -- the veteran midfielder questioned the effort -- or lack thereof -- on display in front of the Foxboro faithful.

“I think unless all of us are 110 percent committed, we’re not going to win,” Tierney said following Sunday’s game. “So I don’t know if enough of that fight was there for us.”

Granted, the Revolution created chances and certainly gave it a go on the attacking front. In the 36th minute, Tierney sent a pass through the area that nearly caught Jerry Bengtson's right foot before it kissed the far post. Close, but not close enough.

Even though New England’s attack kept the Impact defense on its heels, only to watch a pair of dangerous shots hit the frame, Tierney said that the current rough patch isn’t simply attributable to bad bounces or suspect officiating.

“Guys have been comfortable in playing, expecting their spots,” Tierney said. “At this level you have to earn it and now it’s become clear. I think there are a lot of guys who are good players and can contribute and at least give 110 percent.”

What that means for Saturday’s contest in Columbus -- or more accurately, Saturday’s starting XI -- remains to be seen. But midfielder Ryan Guy also believes that the bulk of the team’s problems are self-inflicted.

“We’re definitely not playing to our potential,” Guy said after Sunday’s game. “As much I think we could have and should have put the game away from the run of play and (by) scoring goals, I think we do need something extra, a little bit of spark to push us over the edge.”

And with a two-game road trip on tap, finding that “something extra” won’t be easy to find -- especially against Chicago and Columbus, two clubs that are currently in the thick of the postseason hunt.

But Tierney is hopeful the team can turn it around. Yes, they’ve been snakebitten on some of their shots. And yes, maybe the officiating hasn’t been at its best in recent weeks.

On Sunday, a ball from Guy hit the arm of Impact defender Jeb Brovsky inside the area, but referee Allen Chapman didn’t call it. Yes, a penalty would have given the Revolution a gift-wrapped chance to level it in the final 15 minutes. And instead of another loss, the Revolution could’ve drawn something positive from the result.

However, when it’s all said and done, the Revolution simply need to be better at what they can control. They can be better at a number of things -- especially going forward. But, on the whole, Tierney advised that it’s take a whole lot more than what the team has shown since their six-game skid began back on Jul. 14.

“It’s just about putting the ball on the money and committing to getting runs in the box and we haven’t been doing that lately,” Tierney said. “We just have to have that full commitment to lay our bodies on the line, make those runs, and do what it takes to score goals.”