Burns looking for help, not tipping hand

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If Revolution general manager Michael Burns was a contestant on the World Poker Tour, it’s quite likely he’d be the one at the table adorned in a hat, sunglasses and headphones, all of which would go perfect with a full beard.

Four days after the MLS summer transfer window opened, Burns spoke about the possibility of adding to the roster, which currently has two open spots. To no one’s surprise, Burns kept his cards close to the vest -- or to complete the metaphor, the oversized hooded sweatshirt.

“We’re looking at a player, or possibly two, in this window,” Burns said prior to Saturday’s Revolution-Fire match. “We’ve had some discussions to this point, but there are a couple of areas on the field that we’re looking to strengthen.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because, well, Burns essentially said the same thing during the winter window. And what he said during the winter window mirrored what he said the previous summer, which is what he ostensibly detailed -- well, you get the idea.

A particular area of concern for the Revolution this summer is up top, where rookie Patrick Mullins has shown promise, but hasn’t always answered the bell. Another spot Burns may look to bolster is the right side of the midfield, where the Revolution haven’t gotten nearly enough from Teal Bunbury.

Yet, when pressed for specifics, Burns showed no inclination to reveal which positions he felt needed to be strengthened. Instead, he stayed behind the sunglasses and hat, which he’ll likely keep for the time being, or until a target signs on the dotted line.

“I’d rather not say publicly,” Burns said. “We’ve identified a couple of positions that we’re looking to strengthen is the best I can say.”

But Burns did offer some insight into the club’s player acquisition plans for the summer window, which will remain open until Aug. 6.

For starters, Burns said that none of the players who have trialed with the team at various points during the season are being targeted at this point.

Another nugget Burns was willing to share: The players in question are both well-known to the front office and coaching staff.

“We have a couple of different scenarios right now that we’re looking at,” Burns said. “But they are players that we’ve monitored for a while.”

Whether the Revolution acquire one or two players, or leave the roster completely untouched, one thing that Burns hopes to see, above all else, is a steadier performance during the second half of the season.

“We’ve played really well, and times, we’ve struggled a little bit,” Burns said. “So we’re looking to add a guy that can come in, and hopefully can help us find a little more consistency because we’re going need that in the second half of the year.”

But even if negotiations break down with a prospective target or two between now and early August, Burns still has faith in the players already on the roster.

“There’s enough confidence within this group that we’re good enough and can compete with any team, but we haven’t shown it week in and week out,” Burns said. “That’ll be what we hope to address and change for the second half of the season, whether it’s just with the guys we have, or whether we bring in some guys that hopefully can add to that.”