Three faces of Papelbon?

BOSTON -- This was the other day, and Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon was talking about how happy he was that the Patriots had signed Chad Ochocinco.

Papelbon, of course, went through a stage where he enjoyed calling himself CincoOcho, since he wears No. 58, the reverse of Ochocinco's 85. But he then said that wasn't his only alter ego.

"There's Paps, Cinco-Ocho, and Jon-Bob,'' Papelbon said.


"You don't know Jon-Bob,'' he said. "You're not in the clubhouse the times Jon-Bob comes out. You've only met Paps and Cinco-Ocho.''

Papelbon refused to reveal any details of Jon-Bob's personality.

"All I know is that my favorite NFL player is going to be in the same city as mine, and he's going first if I get the first pick in the Sox fantasy football league. If I do, then it's over. It's over.''