Ortiz awarded RBI after all

MINNEAPOLIS -- David Ortiz got his RBI, although his incursion into Terry Francona's media session had nothing to do with the outcome.

The Red Sox already had contacted Major League Baseball offices, asking them to review a scoring decision that had taken away one of two RBIs originally awarded the Sox DH after two runners scored following his first-inning single Wednesday night against the Indians.

After reviewing the play at the request of the Indians, the official scorer, Charles Scoggins, changed his original call and said one run had scored on Ortiz's single, the other on an error by Indians left fielder Austin Kearns, who mishandled the ball. But after its review, MLB decided that Kevin Youkilis intended to attempt to score even before the misplay by Kearns, and gave the RBI back to Ortiz. The error also was taken away from Kearns.

So Ortiz began Tuesday night's game with 75 RBIs, which places him well within reach of the 100-RBI plateau he has reached six previous times with the Red Sox, including a career-high 148 in 2005. Ortiz finished with 99 RBIs in 2009; the 100 number takes on added significance in a potential walk year for Ortiz, who is eligible for free agency after the season.

Ortiz had disrupted Francona's media session last Thursday with an angry outburst about the scoring call, which only served to make him the target of criticism for what struck many as selfish whining, especially coming after a Sox win. Ortiz was perhaps mindful of that Tuesday when he stood in the middle of the clubhouse and announced to reporters, "I got my RBI. I'm a selfish player.''

Such scoring appeals are hardly uncommon. Most just take place without the media being aware -- or even in some cases, the player -- unless a change is made.