Ex-mates not fazed by Schilling's opinion

BOSTON -- As far as the current members of the Boston Red Sox are concerned, former pitcher Curt Schilling can say anything he wants because it won’t impact the club or its attempt to earn a postseason berth.

Many players had some colorful comments about the former pitcher and three-time World Series champion when told that he said on sports radio WEEI that the Red Sox would not reach the postseason because they don’t have “the horses” to do it.

“Obviously I’m in this clubhouse and I believe in my guys,” Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon said. “Then again, that’s part of his job now. He’s part of the media and he has the right to his opinion, doesn’t he? I don’t think anybody in this clubhouse is going to take what Curt Schilling said and actually believe it, or think that what he says is going to happen.”

When asked if he thought Schilling was trying to use some reverse psychology to get the team fired up, Papelbon didn’t seem to care.

“All that matters is what the 25 guys in this clubhouse think,” Papelbon said. “It doesn’t matter what Schill thinks. It’s doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. It only matters what the guys in this clubhouse think.”

Manager Terry Francona said he did not hear Schilling’s comments, nor does he care.

“I don’t give a s---,” Francona said. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”