Nomar: 'There's a pattern here'

Nomar Garciaparra talks about issues in the Red Sox clubhouse this season and questions the source and timing of the revelations regarding manager Terry Francona, referring to what Mo Vaughn once called the Red Sox "smear campaign."

"I think people are starting to recognize there's a pattern here. All of a sudden it becomes personal, especially with guys who have had so much success in that uniform," he said.

"If we want to go down the list... now we're hearing about Terry Francona, before Terry ... it was Johnny Damon, before him you had Derek Lowe, you had Pedro Martinez, you had Manny Ramirez, you had myself, then you had Mo Vaughn, then you had Roger Clemens, then you had Jim Rice, Carl Yastrzemski, and oh, by the way, one Ted Williams. So the list is pretty good, pretty prestigious, but it seems to happen. So there's a pattern. Is it all these guys that are bad or is there something more here."