Report: A's target Sox pitching coach Young

According to a report on MLB.com citing a baseball source, the A’s are looking at bringing Red Sox pitching coach Curt Young back to Oakland. Here’s part of the report:

OAKLAND -- Though A's hurlers were forced to say goodbye to a popular face when pitching coach Ron Romanick was not retained, they may soon be welcoming back a familiar one to fill that role.

Curt Young, who chose to part ways with Oakland following the 2010 season in favor of a tour with the Red Sox, is expected to be reeled back to the Bay Area by the end of the month.

He represents the A's top target at the moment, according to a baseball source, and is a friend of manager Bob Melvin.

Though Young has one year remaining on his deal with Boston, there was already heavy speculation he would be dismissed once the Red Sox cut ties with manager Terry Francona.

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