Did Schill's invite get lost in the mail?

Terry Francona won’t be the only former uniformed member of the recent Red Sox championship teams not attending next Friday’s centennial celebration at Fenway Park.

ESPN analyst and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling told ESPN Boston Radio on Friday that he only today received his invitation from the team to attend the event. The club has said it had extended formal invites to all former players.

“I actually just received an invite today,” Schilling told ESPN Boston Radio’s Adam Jones (listen to the podcast HERE). “I don’t believe I am going to be able to go. I had not received an invite and I actually just got one today through a third channel. I don’t know that I am going to be there now, given the timing.”

Schilling has been one of Bobby Valentine’s biggest critics so far this spring, so the timing of his receiving the invitation just a week before the event could make a skeptic wonder whether it conveniently got lost in the mail. It seems much more likely, however, that it was an innocent mistake.

“Somebody had gotten a hold of somebody that works for me and forwarded me a letter invitation (today),” Schilling said.

“I knew it was the 100-year (anniversary), but I didn’t realize there was an event until I saw the (Dan) Shaughnessy article around Terry yesterday. I saw the Tito thing and it dawned on me that I hadn’t got (an invitation). I commented to my wife last night about it and I actually got (the invitation) today.”

Schilling said he has a business trip to China planned for next week that he arranged couple of weeks ago. He said he would have attended if his schedule had allowed.

“It’s a special day for a franchise with a lot of history,” Schilling said.