Pedroia: 'We talked about it. We're good'

Dustin Pedroia talked briefly after the game about Bobby Valentine’s criticism of Kevin Youkilis and his reaction to it. Here’s the back and forth between Pedroia and reporters:

* Pedroia on talking to Bobby V:

Pedroia: “Yeah everything’s fine. We talked about it. We’re good.

* You said earlier that Bobby had to learn this isn’t the way we do things around here. Do you think he learned anything today?

Pedroia: "I’m not sure. Have to ask him. I can’t speak for Bobby.”

* Is that a point you tried to press with him?

Pedroia: “It’s between me and him, man. I’m not going to sit here and talk about what me and Bobby talked about. We’re all grown men and everybody involved in this organization, this team, we’re here to have everybody’s backs, in the worst times and the best times. We all pride ourselves on that and make sure that happens.”

* Are you all on the same page?

Pedroia: “Yeah, yeah, we’re good.”