Olney on radio: Sox unrest is widespread

Buster Olney talked with ESPN Boston’s Adam Jones today about what he sees as a splintered and toxic Boston Red Sox clubhouse, and where he thinks the team is headed. If you're a Red Sox diehard and eternal optimist, you may not want to read on.

Olney says that from his own observances of Red Sox players on and off the field, and from stories he's been told, big trouble is brewing.

He said he's heard of unhappiness "not in just one corner, but multiple corners, different parts of the organization -- on issues of communication, on issues of how things are handled, and it was really striking."

He noted that the Red Sox clearly have top-shelf talent and could still win many ballgames, but added, "I don't think team chemistry is going to be one of the strengths as they go down the stretch."

He acknowledged that no one from the Red Sox has gone on the record about any particular unhappiness, but he said "there's enough of it around, and I wrote in the column today, people are reaching out to friends and family and texting agents about different stuff going on, and it really gives you an idea of just how broad the unhappiness is right now."

The fact that it's not just one unhappy player, but rather several people involved in all levels of the organization who are expressing exasperation and frustration, makes this different and potentially explosive, says Olney.

"It's pretty thick, and it's something that they're going to have to navigate through on a daily basis," he says.

Olney also discusses the Kevin Youkilis situation ("Other GMs are basically saying they don't see he has trade value"), Theo Epstein's comments about his mistakes as Red Sox GM, and Josh Beckett's latest DL stint.

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