MLB chastises Sox for showing replay

BOSTON -- The Red Sox received a call from the commissioner's office complaining that the video board at Fenway Park replayed a controversial umpire's decision during Saturday's game.

As a rule, teams are instructed not to replay close calls, for fear that it might incite the crowd. The Red Sox as a rule abide by that policy. But in the sixth inning Saturday, a replay was shown of a play in which first-base umpire Lance Barrett ruled that David Ortiz had been doubled off first after Adrian Gonzalez flied out to left. The relay throw was high, and there was some thought that first baseman Mark Teixeira's foot had come off the bag.

The crowd of 38,170 loudly booed when the replay was shown, although on close inspection Teixeira's foot remained in contact with the bag. The umpires are believed to have lodged a complaint between innings to MLB, which subsequently contacted the Red Sox.